Christian Unity

The need to go back to basics

Over the last month and a half, we have worked through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. The common theme that keeps coming up is unity. Christian unity was vital in the early days of the church. There was a sense of new exploration and excitement that Christians wanted to share. The other aspect was to avoid the persecution that began in the late first century. Christians relied on each other for safety. The irony is that even today, Christians still have to avoid persecution in parts of the world and rely heavily on other Christians.

Today unity is just as essential but for different reasons. We need to lean on each other to continue to develop our faith and grow deeper in our relationship with God. Uniting together allows us to help one another more effectively.

Over the years, the Christian nation has been slowly falling apart. Denominations continually argue how to be Christian and the “right” way to live as a Christian. These arguments have started to happen within denominations. Some of these organizations have lost touch with the teachings of Christ. The foundation of Christianity is simple at its core; follow the teachings of Christ. If we concentrate on the Law of Christ explained by Paul in his letter to the Galatians, we would get along easier.  The law of Christ comes down to one action, love.

If we remember that Christ calls us to love other Christians and all human beings, peace throughout the world would be attained with less heartache. Love encompasses other aspects of human interaction such as respect, caring, inclusion, and acceptance. We will have our disagreements on the details, and that is ok if we continue to love. Respecting other’s position even when it is different then our own beliefs is vital. Caring for each other, especially when a person falls away from God, is vital.  Finally, accepting all people for who they are is vital to the spread of God’s light and love, which manifest through each of his children.

As Christian Unity starts to slip away in part because of our society’s idea of right and wrong, the faith in Christ is being diminished.  As Christians, how can we spread the good news of Christ if we can not practice Christ’s teachings in all aspects of our lives?  Even if we are a true disciple of Christ individually, when our larger Christian community flounders, it holds us back from being closer to God.  It prevents opportunities to reach people who are suffering and need faithful people to come alongside in their journey of life and faith.

I will leave you all with a question. What does unity in the local church and the Christian community at large look like, and how can you contribute?

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