June 22, 2022

What is correct when talking about church dynamics and needs. Each of us has our own ideas of what ministries to offer, how we should take care of church property, and what elements should be or not be part of worship. We have ideas on how to decorate the sanctuary and the significance of those decorations. As a community, we must come together and decern what is best for our faith family. How can we be inclusive to new people? Ultimately being a church is not about a building, the things inside it, or on the outside of it. The church is not about the pastor. The church is about the people, being a community, and carrying out God’s will. Buildings and other pieces of property may help with that but are not essential. So often, we get stuck on stuff or our roles in the church organization and lose sight of being Christian, which is to love one another, love God, and reach out and help those in need. As our Brown Bag program starts next week, I encourage everyone to remember what Christ calls you to do and be.

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