August 31, 2022

Following Christ is complex and seems to be becoming more divisive in our society. Christians are being lumped together as bigots and haters of those that are different or believe in differing ideas. Our country, in particular, has become so polarized. It is hard to be open and honest with people for fear of verbal and, in some rare cases, physical retaliation. The fact is, though, that it is a small portion of Christians that cause us to be demonized.

How do we combat this stained idea of us? I believe Martin Luther King Jr. gave us the answer during the civil rights movement. Through love, understanding, and nonviolence but also standing up for what is right and just. Jesus Christ practiced the same ideas of accepting others even when they disliked him. He showed love to all people from all walks of life and stood up for people who were being oppressed.

We must do the same. In doing so, we will show others we are not like the minority extreme conservative Christians who promote fear, dysfunction, and ultimately disdain and hate. We must also be willing to speak out and speak the truth against those who behave in these antichristian ways. God, Jesus Christ, loved all; we must do the same.

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