September 21, 2022

I look back and ask myself, where did summer go? As we start the fall season, what do you think about when you think of fall? Fall is my favorite season; I always think first of leaves changing colors and pumpkins.

So often, I talk about change in life, change in our community, and change in our church. Some people see change as an opportunity, and others see it as an annoyance. Which person are you? As human beings, I have come to understand that as we get older, it becomes harder and harder to change or flow with change. Yet as we age, that is typically when the most change comes about. Our physical bodies tire out more quickly, and our health requires more attention. We may have to change living situations in order to accommodate mobility concerns.

When we fight change, who do we hurt? Are we hurting the people around us, or are we hurting ourselves? I think the answer is both because fighting change many times makes our loved one’s lives more difficult. What we forget is change typically helps people in the long run. Yes, it is uncomfortable at the moment, but most of the time, we realize it helped. Sometimes we say to ourselves I cannot believe I did this any other way. As a pastor, probably on the younger side, I push for change, not for sake, but because I see a future that change will help us realize.

I am genuinely grateful for the Camillus First family, who have shown me the art of slowing down and weighing things. At the same time, I have seen the ability to push things off by measuring and getting all opinions and considering them as possible hindrances. I now ask myself, when does weighing all options become detrimental or counterproductive to enacting any type of change? Unfortunately, God has not shown me that answer, so I will continue to rely on feedback from the congregation. I want to thank all of you for showing me grace as I learn the art of slowing down and putting up with my attitude of jumping in feet first and then learning to swim after.

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