September 28, 2022

I have been thinking a lot about how God works in the most unexpected way and how life can be unpredictable. God always works, even when life throws us a curve ball. Usually, it takes us by surprise, or we recognize God’s presence after the fact. It is truly comforting to know that God walks with everyone, especially during hard times and unpredictable times that cause struggle in our lives.

Even when we are not struggling, God looks out for us. God knows what we need even when we do not. Take the lift in the church, for example. The cost seemed to be beyond Camillus First’s capability. Just about the time we thought of giving up on the idea,  God intervened, and a donation came through for the entire lift. Now the project feels more manageable. God knows what this church needs, even if we do not.

When life feels overwhelming, I have been trying to make a habit of purposefully turning to God. Focus more on my prayer, turning to scripture, or meditating. Anything that creates a deeper connection to God also brings me inner peace. All of us must find that connection, especially when life throws us those curve balls.

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