October 5, 2022

As the church’s yearly charge conference looms, my role in the church is brought to the forefront of my thinking. What is God calling me to do, and am I doing it? Most Christians, at some point, ask ourselves this exact question; what is my role in my church? Some feel like we are supposed to volunteer to do work or obligated to give money. As a member of a church, I have to help out all the time. The problem is that we may stop doing it for God and instead do it for the church, ourselves, or for the sake of doing it.

This is a recipe for forgetting why we go to church and burning ourselves out as we continually stretch our time commitments between family, life, church, work, and so on. God stops being part of the equation, let alone the answer. How do we break these tendencies? Sometimes we have to learn to say “NO” respectfully, of course. We must be willing to put ourselves first to keep God first in our lives.

Part of being a church member is about deepening our faith with like mind people and not always doing all these extra chores around the property or at events. Without people stepping up, nothing would ever get completed at the church. As a community, we should be thankful for these people. However, we need to make sure it is for God that we are stepping up to help. We must listen and keep our hearts open to make sure we hear Christ and what is being asked of our lives, short and long-term.

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