October 26, 2022

In our bible study this week, the question came up about complacency. We ask ourselves if complacency regarding injustice is a sin. This behavior typically comes in the form of seeing issues and turning away or seeing a societal problem. It also manifests by telling ourselves and others that this problem is just too big and why attempt to address it if it has no effect. The follow-up question was, are we asked by God to call people out when their behaviors directly or indirectly hurt others.

These questions led to an hour and a half bible study, and the conversation was intense and meaningful. If we call people out, how do we do it lovingly without allowing anger and hate to manipulate our perception of people? This is the real challenge.

Although we did make any conclusions about complacency, we did determine that sin is not about inaction in this case. It is actually about what is in our hearts. In today’s society, calling people out on what we perceive as bad behavior could be dangerous. Some people are ok accepting that danger, while others may have family members relying on them.

Afterward, I thought about it and realized that Jesus and John the Baptist did this, and even then, it was dangerous. This is when we have to reflect and listen to God. Highlighting a behavior because we are angry is not doing it for God or others but because of our feelings. We must approach social and behavioral injustices with love and open heart. We should never react or act out of malice or disgust because we will not be loving, and God knows what is in our hearts. This may mean never calling someone out. In these instances, I would encourage others to do what I try to practice: turn to prayer. There are times that require action and other times that need prayer. We should try not to miss either opportunity by listening to Jesus Christ in our hearts.

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