January 12, 2023

God is good all the time and does not work against us. Usually, we are the ones that work against God to hold on to our plans and our ideas. We resist looking for the new, new starts, new adventures, new directions, etc. New is scary to us because it is unknown. We ask ourselves how we will find the time, or in the case of a church, we ask who will have the time? We forget that if this is where God wants us to go, we will be given the needed resources.

Is the direction that God wants us to go always going to be uncomfortable? Well, maybe initially for us, it is uprooting, but God does not want us to be miserable. God’s path will be the easier path in life on earth and in our path to heaven.

So how do we bring ourselves to a place or mentality accepting God’s direction? I feel this is where constantly developing our faith helps. Never stop exploring our faith and what God wants from us individually and as a church. God is not just good but loving, compassionate, and patient. God waits for us with open arms but never forces us. Following God and Jesus Christ is a choice we must make, even when the path is unclear to us.

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