January 17, 2023

Lately, my wife and I have been having conversations about fulfillment and how haste can contribute to taking some of the joy and serenity out of life. Although removing the franticness of life is a good goal, it is not always a reality. In the past, I have talked about slowing down, listening, and looking for God. The truth is that we are sometimes just too busy to slow down. So how do we deal with the stress and haste of life? Well-purposeful discernment and scheduling will help in the long run.

            What can we do to deal with the stress when life throws us those curveballs? These are the times we need to lean on God to rely upon the fact that God is guiding us. God knows what is best for us in the end. We have to allow God to work in and around us. This week we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., a man who leaned on Jesus Christ in some of the most challenging times in life. He relied on Christ as he faced and stood against racism and injustice. He depended on God when discriminated against and even wrongfully imprisoned.

We should look to Dr. King as an example of how to lean on Jesus Christ even when the world seems to be working against us. We should also allow Christ to work through us for others to count on when life is out of control by being patient, accepting, inclusive, and kind.

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