February 14, 2023

On my way back from Pennsylvania two Fridays ago, I got stuck on the Turnpike just before the I690 exit, which I typically use to come to Syracuse. Sitting in the blustering cold in my truck with my two dogs in the back seat, I got really annoyed and frustrated. 12 cars and 1 semi had hit each other and gone off the road, although I did not know this then. I did not know what had happened until driving past the scene. I saw tow trucks and an ambulance pass while sitting, but I did not know.

I realized the energy I wasted being frustrated and the selfishness it showed. I am sure I was not the only one in that line traffic feeling this. We have become so self-center as a country. Instead, I should have been showing concern for the people in the accident and the emergency responders out in sub-zero temperatures trying to help these people; at the same time, I sat in my warm truck. I should have been praying during that time instead of thinking about myself.

Yes, I did say a prayer after driving past the scene on my way home, but I could have been doing more. It took a couple days to reflect on my thoughts and behaviors and finally ask God for forgiveness for falling into unwarranted selfish patterns. We all go through this, especially when stuck in traffic or in long lines at the store. We focus on ourselves and how we are being inconvenienced, forgetting that others are in the same situation. Maybe the cause of the delay is because a person or people are in peril and need help. Maybe someone ahead is having a terrible day. These are great opportunities to practice loving, understanding, and caring, even from a distance. It is a great time to practice unwavering patience for others. I hope you all can commit to doing this in similar situations. Although we will not be perfect, God knows when we sincerely try to change our perceptions.

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