December 29, 2022

Nothing ever goes as planned; that should be everyone’s model. This week my wife and I were supposed to visit family until Friday. Unfortunately, Monday morning, I found out from a neighbor that we had a water pipe break in our house. We had to run back home unexpectedly and deal with the stress of how to clean up. Instead of a calm relaxing week, it has become something different.

However stressful the situation, it is clear God has been with us through this issue. We had neighbors who spotted the leak early, and we had a contractor who was willing to move things around to help gut the completely saturated room. We had another neighbor who could get into our house to shut the water off and then came back and started drying things out before we got home.

We are blessed to have insurance, as many do not and can not financially absorb a disaster like this. We still have a roof over our heads in the middle of winter. All of these point to something beyond my control and more than just pure luck and coincidence, GOD.

In light of our situation, I want to remind everyone that God is always there and wants to be leaned on in troubled times. Serenity and peace can be found in God’s embrace.

I hope to see you all on the first day of the new year as we look for new beginnings on so many fronts of life.

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