Author: CamilllusFirst

December 7, 2022

So often, you hear me talk about God’s calling on each of us and the calling for Camillus First. Most of us answer that calling, and if it is a long-term activity, we get good at it and comfortable doing it. However, that calling sometimes stops being about God and becomes more about our personal project. This causes us sometimes hang on to programs longer than needed.

We may miss God calling us to a new endeavor by hanging on to our preferred programs. I realize this is not always the case, but how do we know when God is giving us a new call in our lives? How do we know that call is something new to replace the old call or something to do as well as the previous call.

I believe God does not call us to more than we can handle as long as we rely on Him. This, to me, is the answer to the question. Suppose we start something new in service of God and other people but are completely overwhelmed. In that case, it may be time to stop past activities or hand them to others even if we are comfortable and good at them. We can only really know by engaging Christ in prayer and reflection. We need to pay attention to our surroundings and talk with others in faith who can help us discern God’s direction meant for our lives. As humans, we will make mistakes, including not hearing, misinterpreting, or ignoring new instructions for our spiritual path. I feel this is why faith in the community is so vital and why faith is not just an individual endeavor.